Wine Regions

The Riverina – Where Beelgara Wines are made

The Beelgara Estate is located within the Riverina viticultural region in accordance with the Geographical Indications Committee of the Wine Australia Corporation. The region is part of the Zone of Big Rivers.

The region’s abundant sunshine and water supply makes it an ideal location for commercial horticulture and viticulture. Viticulture has played a key role in the region’s development from its establishment at Hanwood in the spring of 1913 when Doradillo, Shiraz and Malbec were planted. The first grapes were picked in 1916. The Riverina is Australia’s third largest wine grape producing region, after South Australia’s Riverland and the Murray Darling region located in NSW/Victoria. According to the NSW Wine Industry Association Inc., the Riverina crushes 300,000 tonnes annually. The region is famous for its generous fruit forward reds, crisp whites as well as Botrytis dessert wine, made principally from Semillon.