2014 Beelgara Wines - Vintage Report From the Winery

2014 Beelgara Wines – Vintage Report From the Winery

Sunshine and loads of water, our best friends for this vintage! This is what Pete Toohey MD of Beelgara had to say….

Beelgara-802-085-e1392347968779I just wanted to share with you all the results of the  tasting we conducted last week at the winery ,  I have done a post vintage tasting every year with Danny Toaldo  at or around this time of year  since 2001.

Post vintage is the best time to look at all the amazingly  vibrant fruit flavours and colours that are evident in freshly fermented wines.

Having tasted every vintage Beelgara has made going back to 2001 I can very confidently say that the new vintage 2014 wines are far in a way the best wines  be have made in the last 14 vintages.

The whites in particular are a stand out across the board with the Estate Shiraz getting a particular mention amongst the new vintage reds as possibly the best value red I have ever tasted from any winery, not just our own……..a big call I know but wait till you try it!


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